1. Aditya is a rare breed of young male vocalists pursuing Jaipur gayaki . He is fortunate to have a rich linage of doyens of Jaipur Gharana through his guru Ganyogini Smt. Dhondutai Kulkarni.

    Aditya has inherited a unique blend of Jaipur and Gwalior Gharana to his gayaki through his guru parampara. Due the talim he received in the traditional gurukul parampara form his Gurus, Aditya retains the pure form of ragas and Gharana style in his performances. His melodious voice and ability to create aesthetics in the pure form of ragas is his strength.
  2. The rhythm or the Taal side of the gayaki is also developed immensely through his rigorous training. The layakari, tans and his consummate ease with tabla in his performance have a big mass appeal.

    The foundation of classical musical being so strong, Aditya handles Light Classical form with equal ease. Through his mother, he is exposed to the Benares style of Thumri from late Pt. Rajabhau Kogje. His Natya sangeet performances have also won him many awards and acclaims.

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